About the company

TVX Games Studio is the game developing and publishing company. Head office is located in Singapore.

The basic game project of TVX is «Marsenary» – multiuser team strategy FPS, with elements of sandbox, that takes place on Mars in far future.  The game is being created on the basis of Unreal  Engine 4 and is planned to be released on PC in fall of 2017.

There are also three mobile games of different types under development of TVX.

«Cradle of Magic» project is a traditional MOBA with elements of strategy and collection card game. Test version for social networks was launched in February, 2017.

«Fluffy Dreams», a mobile game of a classic type of match-3, launched for testing on iOS in February. A version for Android will be released a month later.

A project  of Tower Defence genre game called «Tower`s Legends» is planned to be released for iOS/Android and social networks in spring 2017.