FREED: innovative monetization

Have you ever think about how the game industry grows? It grows constantly. Currently, more than 2.3 billion people play computer games all over the world. It’s almost a quarter of all world’s population. Honestly, some of you are playing now. Go on with that, because it’s true.

Many gamers have been playing their favorite games for many years. But more than 93% of these gamers never spend their money for the game or in-game content (to buy goods, skins etc.). The most popular games in the market are the games based on free-to- play (F2P) model. As the developer we consider that 93% of non-payers - is a key challenge for the industry. There are several challenges that have slowed the growth of the gaming industry, but we are focused to solve this one in our next big project.

We would like to introduce you FREED.

FREED is an open platform which connects the interests of the gaming industry and the hi-performance computing market by using and uniting gamer's pcs in the grid computing system. The specific feature of the platform is the remuneration system for gamers who never spend their money. The gamers will get the in-game goods free of charge in exchange for the platform’s usage of their computers when they are idle.

How does it work?

  • Gamers provide FREED their devices for computing.
  • FREED unites the gamers computers into a high performance entity (high performance computing/grid computing system).
  • HPC customers pay FREED for computing.
  • Game publishers are rewarded by FREED for utilizing gamers’ devices.
  • The gamers receive valuable in-game rewards from the game publishers.

FREED is not the only distributed computing platform, but its earnings model is revolutionary. The gaming “ecosystem,” in the past, as traditionally been a two-party system consisting of gamers and publishers. FREED invites into this ecosystem a third party – customers of computation resources. The third party carries money into the ecosystem. And the main point of this process is that the game monetization now not in the games. FREED takes the game monetization off the games.

If you imagine back 2.3 billion of gamers you can imagine what computing capacity can FREED have. Now a typical PC has 2-5 cores inside. And if we unite all gamers' PCs into one grid - the power of this entity will be amazing.

FREED is a blockchain based platform. To regulate platform value, FREEDcoin, a crypto-currency, will be used for the settlements among the platform participants. The token is created with the help of the ERC20 smart-contract on the Ethereum network.

FREED platform has been developed in conjunction with game publishers, game computer machines manufacturers, and the developers of distributed computing technologies. IBM is one of the strategic partners of the FREED project.

If you are interesting with our new project (as a game developer, as a HPC customer, as a partner etc) - please visit our web-site to find out more information about FREED.