TVX Games at WhiteNights

TVX Games become an attendee on Moscow' WhiteNights conference for the gaming industry professional. The company presented FREED platform at the special stand for game devs when creative people could find answers about new ways of monetization which created inside the FREED platform.

At WN'17 company organized more than one hundred meeting with game developers and game producers for discussing new opportunites for gaming industry.

Many gamers have been playing their favorite games for many years. More than 93% of these gamers never spend their money on games or in-game content (to buy goods, skins and others). The most popular games in the market are the games based on the free-to-play (F2P) model. As a developer we consider that 93% of non-payers - are a key challenge for the industry.

FREED is an open platform which connects the interests of the gaming industry and the hi-performance computing market by using and uniting gamer's pcs in the grid computing system.

The specific feature of the platform is the remuneration system for gamers who never spend their money. The gamers will receive in-game goods in exchange for the platform’s utilisation of their computers when they are idle.

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The White Nights Conference is an international business conference for game industry. The White Nights events attract influential game industry professionals and developers and take place three times a year in February (Prague), in June (St. Petersburg) and in October (Moscow). Every year more than 4,000 visitors all together attend the conference.