About the company

The company has been doing business since 2003 when innovative Internet technology products were developing under the brand of TVX. The company has been adapting Web3D into Internet commercial activity and online games. Within the first few years, the main clients of our company were Rover Computers, iRu, Brandford Refrigerations, and more. Later the list of partners and clients grew several folds and some famous were brands added including VGTRC (ВГТРК), Microsoft, Rambler, and STS Media.

A separate brand - TVX Games - was created especially for the gaming direction.

During the 14 years of development, the company has created and released a dozen game projects. Among them the first browser tele-online game – Formula O2, (3D online simulator of motor racing with a developed community), the children’s Internet portal, the Hoolywood, Chronicle of Asterius, Cradle of Magic, Alter Ego, and Marsenary. The total audience of online gamers of our company is more than 30 million users.

In 2016, when the company entered the international market, the head office was relocated to Singapore. The Company also has offices in India, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

The company launched several free-to-play game projects with monetization using the advertising model. Some of these were sold and licensed for use abroad.

For the last several years the company has been searching for ways for solving the current problem in the game industry – monetization of games. Our service is the result of deep research. Here the game publishers can earn money with the help of the gamers who have never paid for their games before. At the same time, gamers receive bonuses which were previously only available for money.