Cradle of Magic

Role-playing and strategy game.

«Cradle of Magic» is an online multiplayer battle game that combines a role-playing game with resources time management strategy and 1on1 battles against other network players using magic power from magic cards. Already an established and well-known social networking game (mainly in and we are expanding «Cradle of Magic» to computers and mobile devices worldwide.
The game takes place in a medieval world evolving with the advent of magic. Old foes have gained new abilities and weapons. New creations are filling the world and impacting the lives of heroes and ordinary people alike. Strength is now determined by who can take these new powers and tools and best use them to their advantage.

The player's goal is to become the master of this new magical world. Each player commands set of magic cards and spells to use in the battles. With these powers, the player invokes various magical creatures and forces battle to assault or defend.

Main game features:

  • A constantly growing system of card combinations for unique magical tactics in battle. As number of possibilities grows, player can create new unique battle techniques with each day.
  • A unique set of magical creatures united for the first time to use in battle. Every creature has been developed with extreme detail to provide a unique role in player combat.
  • A specialized battles engine that utilizes a unique methodology combining various factors: including selected card, combinations, character development level, equipment and more to select the most suitable opponent.
  • An extensive hero development system based on magic resource extraction. Players build their own camps to mine runes, gold and sapphires. Resources can also be taken, or lost, in battle. Resources acquired can be used, or gifted and traded with friends and allies.